What is Underwater Hockey?

Underwater Hockey is played in a flat bottomed pool with a depth of between 6 and 8 feet. A plastic coated lead or brass puck weighing 3 pounds is pushed and shot along the bottom of the pool. Players use small (approximately 1 foot) wooden or plastic sticks to push and shoot. At each end of the playing area are two 10 foot troughs into which the puck is pushed in order to score a goal

Players divide into two teams of usually 6 people. The teams are identified by the color of the player's sticks. One team is the "white team" who plays with white sticks while the "black team" plays with black colored sticks.

Players wear a mask and a snorkel. The mask allows good vision of the underwater playing area and the snorkel allows the player to breathe on the surface while still being able to look at and follow the play going on below them. A glove is worn on the player's hand that holds the stick in order to protect the hand from scraping the bottom of the pool or smacking into the puck.

Underwater hockey is known as a minimal contact sport so there is some incidental contact. The water in the pool acts as a great shock absorber to keep contact safer than if it had occurred on land.

We are Club Puck Underwater Hockey

Club Puck is the largest underwater hockey club in the United States. We have more than 50 men, women and juniors players from all over the the San Francisco Bay Area on our roster.

Historically, Club Puck has always been one of the stronger team at tournaments. Most of our top players have competed in multiple World Championships (i.e. underwater hockey Olympics) and won medals, including Gold.

We play Tue, Thur and Sun in two locations: Los Gatos High School (20 High School Court, Los Gatos, CA 95030) and Burgess Court pool in Menlo Park (501 Laurel St., Menlo Park, CA 94025). Through our friends at San Francisco Underwater Hockey, additional games are available up in South San Francisco.

New Players Wanted - Join Now

Practice is opened to everyone. So if you're aroused with curiousity regarding this cool and unique sport, please come and check us out. Please contact us ahead for orientation and equipment preparation. Try it now!